Recycle! Donate! Save the life of a doll or stuffed animal! Save the Earth!

Save the Earth!
Tell everyone today to Recycle and donate  unwanted items!
Drop off unwanted & broken dolls & stuffed animals to Angelic Creations.
At Angelic Creations, we try to recycle and use everything. Daily we have children coming in to get their favorite friend repaired and we may not have matching fur or the correct parts to help them. When donating here, we save the unstuffed animal for future use. (Other places try to sell them a limited number of days or hours and then send them to the landfill.) We try to recycle and use everything. If we cannot, we will try to find the item a home or donate it.
Please label your box or enclose a note that says DONATION.
Help save the life of a stuffed animal or doll. Recycle! And also make someone very happy we can repair their friend!
Thanks! Spread the word!
P.S. Thank you so much to all of the wonderful people who have spent their time and money to send dolls & stuffed animals to the hospital for re-gifting and recycling! It is such a blessing! Please keep sending them and dropping them off. You can make a difference!

P.S.S. January 2015. Thank you for all of the generous donations everyone has dropped off and even sent in from all over the USA! We are sorry we cannot thank each one of you personally. I want you all to know, I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart! <3

January 2018- Update! Thank you but we no longer need 8″ Madame Alexanders or Barbies. We do need stuffed animals made before 1970’s (50’s & 60’s).  Dolls-American Girls, Middletons, Adoras, vintage doll clothing, large porcelain hands & feet. Please do not send anything moldy. 🙂 Bless you! We are going on 38 years!!!

August 2019- Update. Thank you to everyone sending in donations. We greatly appreciate it! Parts for dolls and stuffed animals are getting harder to find as people keep throwing them away. We do want to let you know that we try and use all parts to repair toys. But if the toy is in excellent condition and we feel we can sell it, it will be sold to help fund the hospital.  We are doing our part to keep doll collecting alive for generations to come. Thank you for saving the life of toys. 😉

May 2021- What a crazy year 2020 was! We are still here fixing toys! Thank you for all the wonderful donations. We are sorry we can’t thank & hug everyone of you! IT HAS BEEN 40 YEARS! OMG! I must be old! We were sad to let go our employees who became dear friends. My husband has retired and is now my assistant. Between the 2 of us we keep the ship afloat! Bless you for helping small business. We sure need it. Hugs and stay safe.

Up date – August 2023

We moved our business to our home. Still very busy fixing toys! Please keep them coming! Text 630-370-9226 for more or call 630-740-8128 to speak to Ric.
Hugs and thanks