Outdoor Garden Statuary

We have a large selection of outdoor statuary for sale. Our outdoor statues are made locally to withstand our unpredictable, inclement weather in Chicago!  They can be left outside year round and do not need to be treated. They do need to be kept away from sidewalk salt as this will destroy the surface. They are made of a special mix specifically made for our harsh winters. When statues are purchased else where they usually are not made for this climate and may need to be taken inside or protected or they could crumble and fall apart. Our friend who made all of our statues has retired. After we sell out we will no longer sell statuary. We are getting too old to move such heavy objects.

Text 630-370-9226 to purchase

Update-August 2023

We have a very limited supply of statues left. Text 630-370-9226 to buy and take home. Most are on sale.