Happy Anniversary! Making customers happy for 40 years!

Me! Recycling an old window!

Me! Recycling an old window!

From our humble beginnings in July of 1981, in the basement of our home,  we have grown to a nationally known doll hospital and store. In 1984 we moved into a commercial store front ( a 1920’s pink American four square). I have served and prayed for my customers, many becoming lifelong friends.  Never in my wildest dreams did I plan for or expect to have a business 38 years later! I literally grew up in  my store. In my humble beginnings, I remember being insulted and appalled when customers would walk in and ask if my mother was in! I learned everything about running a business by experience, the hard way.

I have seen children come into my store to get their best friend repaired. It seems in a blink of an eye they are back with their children to get their friend fixed. Another generation deeply in love with a special thread bare, sometimes eyeless or furless creature calling to me for yet again much needed surgery to withstand the generous new affection gladly coming their way. The love oozes from the threads endearing my heart to do magic again and dry wet eyes. I too feel the pain and need for the love to continue. I put my love, heart and soul into their friend. I understand the connection and concern expressed in every gentle touch. I reassure the toy parent I will treasure and comfort their friend, easing their fears. No matter if the toy friend belongs to a 2 year old child, college dorm sharing 20 year old, 45 year old executive or 90 year old great-grandma, I understand the deep need and connection to their friend. I too have had special inanimate confidants in my private moments in my home. We are not alone or crazy or odd, just ordinary people with immense love and sensitivity to others and the world around us.

Our beliefs, religions and political alignments may divide us but together we have a special connection to each other through our lifeless friends. May we never forget the spark of love we feel and pass on to others as we share our toys with the ones we love.

Happy Anniversary Angelic Creations!

As I enter my twilight years, may I continue to grow, love and change with you. Returning the blessings my store has given me everyday I walk through the door. Thank you to God and the angels around me everyday. Be they seen or unseen, child, customer, volunteer or friend. As Tiny Tim said so eloquently, “God bless us everyone!”

With humble love,